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We can help to restore your smile with Dental Implants.

Regular implants rest on top of the gums. Dentures Supported by Implants are a way of wearing your denture that is more secure. A Denture supported implant has special attachments that allow your denture to snap onto your gum.

By choosing this option you are effectively securing your denture so you can be confident that your denture will not fall out of your mouth when eating, chewing, talking and smiling.


The implants are placed in the jaw at the front of your mouth where there is plenty of bone to place the implant. This area of the jaw also does not have as many nerve endings that could cause discomfort.

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Focused Services

Our family-focused services means our patients have the optional comfort and convenience of scheduling the whole family together.

  • Free Consultations
  • $49 For Complete Exam and X-rays
  • Provide patient with a complete detailed treatment plan before treatment is started
  • CareCredit¬† (provides 6-12 month interest-free payment plans)
    Care Credit Application PDF
  • We will also arrange payments on a per visit basis to allow for lower payments while treatment is in progress.
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted.

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